About US

hoonar began in May 2018 when I accidentally visited one link/advertisement on my facebook page which took me into SkillFirst bootcamp in April 2018 . I was wondering that will i get something….??? So guys after successful 10 years continuously FAILURE, i am feeling that I am at the right place with big big big motivation….. as in last 10 years i only downloaded things about my interests but never go through with them  (i.e. How to start a blog, how to earn money online bla bla bla) due to some reasons. But after joining SkillFirst team i am publishing my own words (with learning in parallel) for the first time.

Things start working now, and i wish it will carry on. INSHAA ALLAH

This is my first attempt, a childish attempt but i am happy for this which is an outcome of motivation given by Miss Ummay Kulsoom.

MAY ALLAH BLESS SkillFirst Team and all of you my friends.

There are many things to write here but i have to show this assignment to Miss Ummay…. 🙂

(This is my About US page as i have nothing to write)  🙂